With a team well versed in recruiting both in the UK and across the globe, Talent Spike work with the aim of providing long term solutions for both clients and candidates. We look at the “where would you like to be in 5 years time” from both sides of the fence and provide the answers on both sides of the fence. There are fine details that are often missed when both and clients and candidates are seeking something new. We ask the right questions to get the right answers to find the right solutions.

Permanent Recruitment can be as simple as that. If that sounds simple, that’s because we break it down that way … don’t believe us? Find out how!


We work to the needs of our clients: so as projects and short term roles arise, we work on providing solutions towards the short term aims and goals of each organisation. Naturally – on the other side – we have and work with IT professionals who work on a similar basis. Every inch is covered to find the right contractor and we find We do what we do best: find the right position for the right person and the right person for the right position.

Contract Recruitment can be done as easily as that,  but not necessarily as precisely as we do it … don’t believe us? Find out how!

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